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WHAT DO WE ACHIEVE?More social distance in big market places by having a close garden.Increasing people motivation in current times. Growing plants helps people to be happierBetter lifestyleGreener cities and less pollutionEconomy activationCommunication between people HOW DO WE ACHIEVE IT?In order to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and get improve in society habits and health, this project was born. We need an app/website with database of private spaces as terrace in building or non-built space in towns and cities that can be used by renting to create organic gardens. There, people can contact to each other to see if they can find an agreement or it can be also private and association/local governments to have more place to cultivate. When we have this database, there is second phase of this project which consists in logistics. Some spaces must be adapted to have everything which is necessary. From the app owner or renters can buy what they need to have what they need.…

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